Starting Groups

New Interest Groups in the Making
12 Week Groups (starting 2nd and 3rd weeks of April and ending by July 1)

Sabbath - Vacation Bible eXperience (VBX)  Interest Group
Sabbaths @ 1pm - 2:30pm


This group is for anyone who loves children and wants to help (in a small or big way) with VBX this year.  We will plan and prepare during April, promote both internally (to our own families) and externally (to the families in our community) during May, and present during June.

We can benefit from a variety of skills and talents (praying, organizing, promoting, greeting, decorating, cooking, music, storytelling, crafts, outdoor activities, . . .) so we need you!

Note: Joining this group will require completing a Background Check administered by the Conference.   The cost will be covered by the church, so a commitment to participate through June is asked for.

Leaders: Mitch and Andrea Wall

Meeting: Weekly, April 8 - June 24 at Clovis Church

maximum group size 2


Sunday - Church Park Restoration Interest Group
Sundays @ 10am- 12pm

Description:  This group is for anyone who would like to do some physical labor to bring our church park back up to shape.  We will be planting trees, grinding stumps, painting, mulching, tree trimming, ect.  This will be an internal flock (focused on or happening at our church) with an external goal; which will be getting our park ready to host a future community block party.

 (Joining this group requires signing an insurance waiver if not already a church member)

Leaders: Pastor Nick, Clint Marshall, and Jeff Oblander

Contact info: Pastor Nick, Clint Marshall, or Jeff Oblander

Meeting: Weekly, April 9- June 25                            

Location:  Argabrite Memorial Park (Clovis SDA Church Park) 2370 Helm Ave

maximum size 20


Wednesday - Marriage Enrichment Interest Group
Wednesdays  6:30 pm- 8:15 pm

Description:  This group is for anyone (single or married) who would like grow in their understanding of the Christian concept of marriage.  We be discussing our assigned reading for the week from the book “The Meaning Of Marriage” by Timothy Keller followed by watching various marriage seminars by Mark Gungor (Laugh your way to a better marriage), Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (Love and Respect), Chip Ingram, and Dr. Gary Smalley.  This will be an internal flock (focused on or happening at our church) with an external goal; which will be strengthening our marriages and families as a witness to others what a Christian marriage can look like.  Please feel free to invite non-members! (Joining this group requires purchasing “The Meaning of Marriage by Dr. Timothy Keller.”  Currently  $3.98 used from Amazon)

Leaders: Pastor Nick & TBA

Contact info: Pastor Nick

Meeting: Weekly, April 19- June 28               

Location: Clovis Church Youth Room, Clovis Church 2370 Helm Ave

maximum size 30


Mon-Fri - Child Tutoring Group
(Anytime Monday-Friday)

Description:  This group is for anyone who would like to help our local community children by being a volunteer tutor.  The tutoring will take place at Heaton Elementary (1533 San Pablo, Fresno, CA).

Leader: Fred Steffen

Date & Time:   Up to the volunteers- the school district would be happy to have volunteers at anytime or day! Contact Fred Steffen for more info

Location:   Fresno Unified School District (Heaton Elementary 1533 San Pablo, Fresno, CA)