Interest Groups

Clovis Church Interest Groups


Sabbath - Sabbath Morning Prayer Group
Sabbaths (9am-9:20 am)

Description:  We are meeting in the sanctuary every Sabbath morning to have a short devotional, prayer requests, pray for the church service and any other items we want to bring to our Heavenly Father.

Leaders:  Bill and Frances Jamison, Bob Anderson

Location:  Clovis Church Sanctuary No max size


Sabbath & Sunday - Outdoor Prayer Ministry Group (Prayer Tent)
Saturdays and Sundays 10am-1pm

Description:  Have you ever really wanted to get out and minister to our local community?  Here is your perfect opportunity for front row seats to the many needs and spiritual warfare going on right in our own community!  When you step out to be a blessing to others through prayer you will find that you have been the most blessed.

Leaders:  Emma Jean Webber

Location: Corner of Helm and Santa Anna (church yard)

No max size


Sunday - Church Park Food Ministry Group
2nd Sunday of each month from 10:30-12:30

Description: This group is for those interested in applying Christ’s method of ministering to the community by sharing the gospel and distributing food for the elderly, handicapped, working poor, children ect.

Leaders:  Eric and Sandra Manroe

Location: Clovis Church Park

Max size 10


Monday - Women’s Bible Study
Mondays 5:30-7pm

Description:  Come join us for a relaxing evening in our newly remodeled Youth Room for a night of entertainment and learning more about Christianity and other relevant topics for today’s Christian.  Each upcoming film for the following week will be featured in the church bulletin.

Leaders:  Sandra Manroe, Penney Lutz, and Laurie Navaro

Location:  Clovis Church Youth Room


Tuesday - Men’s Bible Study
Tuesdays 5-6pm

Description:  Bible study group is currently focusing on the parables of Jesus. Our goal is to study these parables with the purpose of sharing them with others and applying them to our own lives.

Location:  Pathfinder room at the church park.

Leaders:  Eric Manroe & Jeff Oblander

Max size 10


Tuesday - Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting Group
Tuesdays 6-7pm

Description:  Prayer has been called an absolute necessity for the Christians development in their relationship toward God.  We invite you to come out and battle on the true frontline between the forces of good and evil.  Prayer will not only change the situations and mindset in others but through deep prayer, you will also be changed in the likeness of Christ!

Leaders:  Steve Rinker and George Carr

Location:  Clovis Church Youth Room or Fellowship Hall

No Max Size


Thursday - 12 Step Addiction Recovery Group
Thursdays 6-7pm

Description:  Christ is the only one who can truly set us free from our addictions and negative cycles.  Come and join this confidential close knit group as we delve into the cycle of addiction and learn how we can become free through Christ.

Leaders:  Bob Clayton, Pierre Steenburg, Gabriel Diez

Location: Clovis Church Fellowship Hall

No max size


Friday - Clovis Church Youth Group
Fridays 6-8pm

Description:  If you are High School age then you are invited to join us and bring friends for food, games, fellowship, Bible Study, outreach, Christian movies, outings and more!

Leader:  Pastor Nick

Location:  Clovis Church Fellowship Hall


Any Day - Clovis Police Department Adoption Group
Time and Day:  (to be determined)

Description:  We will be putting together healthy snack bags for the police to take out while on patrol.  Bags usually include: fruit juice, granola, fig bars, bags of nuts, homemade or bought cookies, fruit, and GLOW scripture tracks. Each snack bag is labeled with our church name and address with times of service.  The snacks are usually delivered on Fridays.  We also pray for the safety and health of the officers twice a day.

Leaders:  Bill and Fran Jamison

No max size